The Passions Project is a portrait series created by photographer Heidi Wagner that captures the essence of older adults doing what they love to do. From painting, to theater, to community service, many older adults participate in activities they feel passionate about. Through her lens, Heidi makes visible what is often unseen — a new view of aging that includes vitality, independence and meaning.



  1. Miss Heidi,
    I’ve worked at the FTC Senior Center for about 5 years. Your photos on display for the “Passions Project”
    are sublime for their charm and people interest. They literally steal my heart!
    You rock!
    Clint Black

  2. Hello Clint,

    Thank you so much for reaching out and for your wonderful heartfelt words. The Project means a lot to me and is my life work. I have taken tons of photos in my life, but this project is special because I get to honor the elders of our community. I am glad I am not the only one who’s heart gets stolen.

    Heidi Wagner

  3. Dear Heidi,
    It was a pleasure to work with with you this a m. I truly believe in what you are doing. It is such a meaningful project. I feel like you are giving “seniors” a voice,which we really need. We are not over the hill, just in a different place in our lives. By the way, it’s a great place to live at Assisi
    village where we all know we are loved!!!

  4. The Passion Project is a great start for seniors to give them hope that they are still fully alive and they just want to find a way to express themselves. The challenge is to get seniors to look inside themselves and find their real voice that will take them to a higher level. If seniors are given opportunities to learn anything they will show their own dynamic self; and as a result will be able to contribute to society in meaningful ways.

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